Put product into shopping cart by clicking "Add to cart". You can edit or delete product in the cart list. Choose the quantity and delivery methods. If you have coupon code, enter it at "Vouchers" and click "OK". Select "Checkout as guest" or "Create an account" and fill in the information. Make sure to fill in your contact number. The system will send you an email with the order details after you submit the order. 

Credit Card through Paypal 
Pay with your credit card through Paypal even without Paypal account. You can also pay through your Paypal account. 

Local Bank Transfer 
Please submit the proof of the bank transfer slip within 48 hours tthrough email so we can arrange your shippment as soon as possible. 

Alipay or Wechat 
Please select Bank Transfer and contact us through or WeChat (ID:greeniche). We will send you the payment details. 

If the delivery address is in Hong Kong, the charge will be referred to HKD. If the delivery address is in Mainland China, the charge will be referred to RMB. If we don't receive your reply in 3 days, the order will be cancelled. 

當您選擇心儀的商品後,點擊「Add to cart」將商品添加到shopping cart,在Cart 清單中可以刪除或修改商品數量。選定數量和運送方法,如有優惠卷填寫在「Vouchers」並點擊「OK」。選擇「Checkout as guest」或 「Create an account」,再填寫好收件人各項資料,記得要填上你的聯絡電話,系統會在收到您的訂單後立即以電郵寄給你訂單明細以作確認。






地區Location 當地銀行戶口轉賬Local Bank Transfer信用卡 Credit Card (Visa, Master via PayPal)支付寶/微信 Alipay/Wechat
香港Hong Kong
大陸Mainland China
其它地區Other Countries