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Fair Trade Groceries


  • Chocolate

    All cocoa beans are from Kuapa Kokoo Coop in Ghana, Africa.Kuapa Kokoo received USD 239,850 social premium in 2009 generated of Divine Chocolate, on top of selling the cocoa beans in fair trade minimum price.Our chocolate are selling at grocery shops, coffee shops and restaurants in China.

  • Tea

    All of our tea are fair trade and organic certified. The tea are grown in India or China and carefully hand-picked by the local people.Many upscale restaurants and coffee shops are using our tea to serve their customers. Wish you enjoy a relax moment with it.

  • Coffee

    All of our coffee beans are fair trade certified by FLO. They are all high quality premium Arabica beans from Guatemala, Nicaragua or Ethiopia.The social premium helps building a school for Negele Gorbitu co-operative in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. By that 550 local children are enrolled.Many upscale restaurants and coffee shops are using our tea to serve their customers. Wish you enjoy a relax moment with it.

  • Honey

    Hummi Honey is sourced from Jiyuan Huakang Beekeeper Professional Association (JHBPA), currently the only beekeepers cooperative certified both organic (EcoCert) and fairtrade (FLO) in Pacific Asia. The coop is located at Mount Wangwu, in Henan province, where Wangwushan-Yuntaishan National Park is situated

  • Spice

    Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS) is a leading NGO started working in the most backward villages of Wayanad , Kerala, India as early as in the year 1974 as a registered charitable society.In the year 1999 WSSS started the Organic Programme with 50 farmers in Wayanad district in Kerala and now having 8000 organic farmers in Wayanad.The programme has been extended to 7500 organic farmers in 260 clusters in different parts of Wayanad covering a total area of 8250 acres and it has now become one of the largest Small Farmers Group Certification Programme in Kerala.Their projects include the empowerment of child, women,tribal and marginal farmers .Wayanad社會服務組織 (WSSS) 早於1974就開始在落後的南印喀拉拉邦村落開始工作,是當地主要的非牟利組織。1999年,與50個農民合作,開始了有機種植項目。現在WSSS的有機耕種項目,已經擴展到7500個有機農戶,覆蓋8250英亩,包含260族群,是喀拉拉邦其中一個最重要的認證小農戶組織。WSSS 的項目還包含兒童教育、婦女技能提升和協助被邊緣化和部落農民。

  • Paste/Spread

    Homemade paste/spread made from organic honey, gojiberry, matcha tea, cinnamon and bee pollen

  • Snack

    Healthy snack not only boost up your energy, they provide nutrients to your body as well.

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